Archaeological Division

Underwater Archaeological survey is undertaken in search of submerged historic or aboriginal archaeological sites, such as, artifact scatters, fish weirs, intertidal features, shell middens and other cultural deposits. It is undertaken with a similar methodology to that of the terrestrial archaeologist.  Underwater archaeological assessments may be requested, or required, by local levels of government in advance of approval of a proposed marine or nearshore development.  In some cases, an Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA), under a Provincial Heritage Inspection Permit, may be required to identify and record any archaeological sites present within a proposed development area.

Storm Coast Dive Services is proud to offer Underwater Archaeological services including:

  • Underwater Surveying and Mapping
  • Sediment Coring and Shovel Sampling
  • Underwater Excavation
  • Photo and Video Surveys
  • Heritage Material Analysis and Reports 

We also provide surface and nearshore aerial surveys with our skilled drone pilot. 

If you have any inquiries into underwater archaeological work, please contact our head of the Archaeological Division.

Kyle Hall, B.A.

(250) 744- 6630