Vessel Services

  • Hull Inspections.
  • Hull & Drivetrain Cleaning.
  • Zinc Replacements.
  • Leaky Boat Repair.
  • Propellar Detanglement.

Structural Services

  • Dock and Wharf Inspection, Maintenance and Repair.
  • Mooring Installation, Maintenance and Repair.
  • Log Boom/Breakwater Construction and Repair.

Floatation Correction

  • Floatation correction is your solution if your structure is losing freeboard or sinking, if your current floatation has been damaged or if you have uneven weight distribution causing your structure to list.
  • We can repair floatation on any float structure including docks, resorts, and float homes no matter the size or the floatation requirements. Our experienced team of divers can position floatation precisely where it is needed to correct listing or increase overall freeboard in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To install styrofoam floatation our divers use unique equipment consisting of ballasts and compressed air to install billets in a controlled and precise manner that eliminate unwanted stress on your dock or floating structure while at the same time minimizing any disruption to normal activities on or around the structure.

Additional Services

  • Search and Recovery
  • Underwater Photo and Video
  • Lifting and Salvage